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Here are the top tattoo terms as well as their meanings.

1. Aftercare:  This refers to the treatment and care for your tattoo area within the first couple weeks after receiving a new tattoo.

2.Armband Tattoo:  This is a narrow tattoo that is designed to wrap around the upper arm.

3.Cosmetic Tattoo:  These tattoos are used to hide personal skin defects, sometimes after surgery.

4.Flash:  Tattoo flash is generic tattoo art that can be purchased for use.

5.Granulomas:  Sometimes small nodules, called granulomas, will form around the tattoo site as a reaction to the ink.

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6.Hematoma:  This refers to bruising that may occur after the tattoo is applied.

7.Ink:  Another term for a tattoo.  This also refers to the ink or pigment that is used for creating tattoos.

8.Inked:  This is a slang word for being tattooed.

9.Laser Removal:  A tattoo removal process that requires multiple appointments and often costs at least a couple hundred dollars.

10.Old School Tattoos:  These tattoos are generally bold colors and are of two-dimensional images.

11.Pigment:  The pigment refers to the color in the tattoo ink.

12.Portfolio:  A tattoo artist’s portfolio will contain photos of previous tattoos that they have applied.

13.Scratcher:  This is a slang term for an inexperienced tattoo artist.

14.Suit:  This refers to covering the majority of your body with tattoo art.

15.Tat:  A slang word for tattoo.

16.Tattoo Artist:  This is the person who actually applies the tattoo.  In some states, tattoo artists are required to be registered or certified with the state.

17.Tattoo Gun:  This is an instrument used for applying a tattoo (this word sometimes has a negative connotation).

18.Tattoo Ink:  Tattoo ink comes in approximately fifty different colors and is often tinted using heavy metals such as cobalt.

19.Tattoo Iron:  Another term for the instrument used for applying a tattoo (this word often has a positive connotation).

20.Tattoo Parlor:  This is the location where a tattoo artist works.

21.Tattoo:  This is a decorative form of art where ink is applied beneath the skin for a permanent image.

22.Tebori:  This is an ancient method of applying a tattoo by hand.

23.Temporary Tattoo:  This is usually a rub-on tattoo that will last between 1 – 21 days and is easily removable.

24.Tramp Stamp:  This is a derogatory term sometimes used to refer to a tattoo located on the lower back of a woman.

25.Tribal tattoo:  A tribal tattoo is one of the more popular tattoo styles today and can be based on one of many ancient cultures.